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Introducing Linda -

Hi there, I’m Linda. When I was six months old, I was wandering the streets of West Los Angeles, scrawny, with bald patches on my back, infested with fleas, ear mites and a skin disease. I was a mess. I saw Karen’s daughter walking towards her car, so I cried out in desperation. She came over to me, and as weak as I was, I jumped right into her arms. Thank God she took me home. That’s when I met Karen. They already had a rescued dog and cat that weren’t getting along, so they really didn’t want to keep me. She was going to take me to the animal hospital, clean me up, get me immunized, spayed and find me a good home. That was her plan…but somehow they all fell in love with me…and I with them. I got really lucky. Today, I’m a healthy, petite, 7 year old with a beautiful black coat. I love to lounge and nap all day and snuggle all night. I was destined to be a supermodel.

Introducing Teddy -

Hey everyone, Teddy here. I’d been hanging out at the Friends of Animals Furburbia Adoption Center in Park City, Utah for a while. They were really cool to me and I was happy to have a warm place to sleep and 2 squares a day. But I was yearning to find a nice home and family to love. The stars were in alignment for me the day Karen walked in. She had recently lost her beloved dog Ruby and cat Tommy, and wanted to find a suitable companion for Linda. Her Vet told her that a male, orange Tabby had the best disposition for entering a home with other animals. Hey, that was me! Karen had visited lots of shelters looking for a cat, but none of them “spoke to her.” Luckily for me, she was in Park City when she visited the Friends of Animals Shelter, because when our eyes met, she said “I knew he was mine.” I was eight months old and I was desperate to find a place to call my own. I climbed all over her, licked her face, and went home to the most loving family in the world. Today, I’m a handsome, curious, affectionate and friendly 5-year old scoundrel who loves to play, chase Linda and eat up a storm. And I’ll do anything for piece of turkey!

The Two Alley Cats Story -

In the beautiful suburbs of Pacific Palisades, CA, you'll find the two most adorable rescued cats, Teddy & Linda, that love to be in front of the camera and model their favorite costumes all for a delicious slice of turkey.

Teddy & Linda were both rescued by the warm-hearted, feline loving, Karen Berman, who found poor little Linda wandering the streets of West Los Angeles and Teddy at the Friends of Animals Furburbia Adoption Center in Park City, UT. Karen simply couldn't resist rescuing these two beautiful cats and offering them a caring, safe and cozy home to share with her family.

Karen always enjoyed being the photographer, (nee historian) for her family, capturing family moments, restoring old photographs, creating photo albums and the like. However, she never had the intention of photographing her cats with clothing, until one day….

As a fun gift idea to send to her son while attending college in Syracuse, she decided to snap a few playful pictures of both Teddy & Linda wearing real costumes to create a precious home-made calendar. Her son was so amused, he decided to share it with all his friends and told his mom that everyone loves it and can she print more. It was an instant hit!!

And so, with the encouragement of her family and friends… Two Alley Cats was born.

They will make you smile. They will make you laugh. Simply stated, Teddy & Linda will leave you with feelings of joy and the delightful desire of wanting more!

Our Story

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